Yoko Hirano,
500-RYT, KHYF Certified Vedic Chanting Teacher

Yoko has been teaching yoga since 2005 and has gained over 2000 hours of teaching experience. She offers group classes, workshops and one-one-training in yoga, yoga philosophy and Vedic chanting in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. Yoko has also completed an advanced yoga teacher training program with Chase Bossart and Kate Holcombe of Healing Yoga Foundation (HYF), and has assisted teacher training at HYF.

Yoko has a deep passion for sharing the healing and life transforming potentials of yoga with her students. She continuously enhances her own knowledge and skills through focused one-on-one study of yoga and Ayurveda and Vedic chanting with her mentor and various other teachers in San Francisco and India.


"I have been taking weekly private Yoga lessons from Yoko since 2010. For someone who is a couch potato and exercise-phobe, Yoko has shown great patience and offered me continued encouragement despite my confession to her that I only do Yoga during class time. Little by little, I came to realize how good I felt after my class and that I should practice more at home.

My goals in doing Yoga were flexibility and strength which, I'm happy to report, have increased significantly. The other benefit is improved breathing. I use to be a mouth breather but no longer. I like the fact that Yoko always explains the principle behind the different exercises that we do and how breathing is a crucial component of Yoga. It helped me understand and appreciate this discipline instead of something that you learn by rote.

Finally, Yoko is passionate about Yoga and teaching Yoga. It is clearly evident in her joy and enthusiasm which are infectious. I find myself looking forward to my lessons and even the challenges of doing some of the postures. I could not wish for a better teacher than Yoko."

Lily Lock


"Yoko brings wonderful energy along with great sense of awareness, balance, calm, and joy to her class. She guides her classes and individual sessions through personalized series of Yoga practices. And, utilizes a broad range of poses & exercises, providing benefit to students across the entire array of personal abilities. I appreciate her holistic style and approach of Yoga classes. Since starting classes with her, I've noticed an excellent progression in range of motion, flexibility, balance, and sense of well being. The mentoring I've received during individual sessions are thoughtfully crafted with great wisdom and experience. And, has been instructed simply and clearly to me for the highest benefit.

I'm sincerely grateful knowing Yoko for such excellent instruction and guidance. And, look forward to continuing to enjoy the beneficial practices she offers all of us!"

Paul M.

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