An Athlete’s Advantage Gift Card is a Sure Ticket to Relief!

Giving an Athlete’s Advantage Gift Card is a great way to thank friends, neighbors and clients, as well as reward employees or invigorate your favorite tri-athlete. It’s also a helpful way to introduce your friends and family to the many benefits of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. It’s an ideal gift for any occasion!

E-mail or Print and Deliver

When you order your gift card(s), they can be instantly sent via email to the recipient. You can also choose to send the gift card to your own e-mail address so that you can then print them for delivery in-person or via US mail.

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Terms and Conditions

Gift cards sold online are tracked by a gift card serial number that is automatically generated. The gift card serial number which is e-mailed to the recipient or printed by the buyer is required to redeem all online gift cards. Online gift cards are not assigned to recipients account until recipient is registered with the studio and the gift card serial number is assigned to the intended recipients account. Gift card credits and session series are transferable and may be shared. The Athlete's Advantage is not responsible for lost or stolen gift card serial numbers. Gift card balances are not refundable for cash but may be assigned to recipients account. Recipient may use gift card credit to purchase services and products or gift cards in store only. The Athlete's Advantage 24 hour Cancellation Policy applies to all scheduled appointments. Gift cards or session series may be used as collateral to secure appointment.


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