Yuki Fukuda
Certified Athletic Trainer

  • 8+ years of training experience
  • Masters Degree in Kinesiology
  • Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology
  • NASM Golf Fitness Specialist
  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
  • PNF practitioner

From Yuki: “My therapy based training is designed to improve your body function as a whole. I can help you deal more comfortably with day-to-day life or prepare you for more strenuous physical activity.

Optimize your body for life and performance–After performing an assessment, I will create an individualized program based on found issues and your goals. You will learn how to breathe correctly, find your neutral balance and improve awareness of your body. I promote these things for physical function and mind development.

With love for the game of golf, fitness training for golfers is also one my specialties. I offer personalized swing analysis to help find the cause of errors. Together, we can identify a swing that is appropriate for your body type. I hope to assist you in enjoying golf pain-free.”

— Yuki


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